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5 Reasons You Should Be Marketing and Advertising on Billboards

Billboards are one of the varieties of outdoor advertising most used today. In short, they are large-format advertising prints that must be prepared for exposure to the sun and atmospheric agents, such as water or wind.

Although they may have detractors, with the necessary creativity they can cause great notoriety and not be annoying or intrusive.  The capacity for visual impact offered by billboards is enormous and much more important than many belief.

While advertising in some media is in decline, outdoor advertising is growing beyond our borders and in the USA, it is being maintained. To this must be added digitization and the advantages that this entails in terms of the ability to interact with consumers and reducing production costs.

Origin Of Large Format Outdoor Advertising

The origin of large-format advertising goes back to the first forms of graphic expression that the first men on earth made to communicate their ideas with a significant visual expression.

Since the time of the pharaohs, merchants carved stones along the roads to promote their products. In Pompeii and Rome, much later in history, murals were painted for the purpose of selling. Thanks to the development of paper and its great flexibility, advertisements could be moved and placed almost anywhere desired.

The printing press in the fifteenth century led to advertising posters to replace town criers. The images on the posters were due to the fact that the population did not know how to read and, therefore, the messages were transmitted thanks to the association of ideas with images that represented the business.

It was very important that the message be clear and concise, in this way, with a simple glance over the facades, they could know what each place was dedicated to or what each business sold.

Over the centuries’ written messages have become increasingly important in the advertising spectrum. The posters of great events or music concerts and the theater filled the streets to attract the masses and fill the capacity.

Visual art in pamphlets and propaganda began to gain more and more strength until the beginning of the 20th century.

With the arrival of the world wars, and more specifically with the 2nd World War, advertising and marketing had reached their maximum splendor, flooding the streets with colors and attractive drawings to add a large number of people to their ranks.

This echo happened from the United States to Japan, passing through all the great European countries, where the most important were the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy.

After the war, the incredible technological advance that came after the global economic recovery allowed the development of much more visual posters, such as the impressive smoke and movement posters made by Douglas Leigh in New York. Years later, billboards with screens were installed in cities around the world to play advertisements.

In the 21st century, advertising is one of the most valued tools to influence society thanks to the advancement of technology. Digital marketing is one of the exponents of advertising at this time, but it is not the only one.

Billboards are large structures that act as supports to post advertisements. They are located in sports facilities, highways, parks, airports, etc. and, depending on where you want to install them, they will require one permit or another.

It is really important to mention and even highlight that the format of the digital billboard advertising must be studied in depth, and the main reason is that it is not convenient to leave the photography, the color palette, or the quality of the image or the fabric that you want to put on it to improvisation.

In other words, the components of the messages must be well cared for and be so attractive, original and capable of causing a great visual impact.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Large Format Advertising


  • The main advantage of using this large advertising format is that, as they are placed in high-traffic public spaces, their display is obvious and can attract potential customers.
  • If we know the advantages that this large-format advertising can offer, we have the necessary reasons to go to them.
  • Depending on our interest, we can place the fence in the most suitable area to achieve a greater impact.
  • It is a permanent promotion, especially if it has lighting. This means that the impacts they cause are greater since the fence is visible 24 hours a day.
  • It is a static advertisement, which allows a detailed and calm reading so that consumers can identify the brand or product and keep all the details of the product that is offered.
  • If it is compared with other advertising systems, and given its coverage and penetration, such as the subway or buses, its price is not high.
  • If used properly, they can be a great complement to advertising campaigns carried out in the press, television or radio, since they reinforce the messages. Above all, in the last kilometers before shopping centers to cause a greater impact on consumers.

If we know the advantages that this advertising format can offer, we have the necessary reasons to go to them.


  • Content limitation.  Outdoor advertising has a visual impact, that is, great arguments or optimal product presentations cannot be made, the message has to be concise and perfect so that it can be read with a single glance. Therefore, large format advertising is not the best option in this case.
  • You can’t focus on a specific demographic segment because it’s in front of everyone.

Strategies To Ensure Outdoor Large-Format Advertising Is Seen

Less Is More

Because people are on the move, when viewing billboards there is no time to make decisions and notes. Six seconds is the average time it takes to read a billboard. Depending on the ease of reading, our claim can create a good impact on our potential consumers.

This can be achieved with short messages, with large capital letters and very detailed prices, if any. The letters must stand out within the color that prevails in the fence. The messages have to be creative and we can use 3D images. This opportunity allows us to do something very flashy that can attract many customers.

Make An Impact Without Distractions

Outdoor advertising is aimed at drivers, pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists and you only have a few seconds to make an impact on them.

This impact is intended to attract attention without causing an accident. That is why it must be readable and that the driver or passer-by gets the message in the shortest time possible so that the distraction is very low or practically none.

Direct Response

On the billboards, you can find promotions or offers that, thanks to new technologies, can be scanned or photographed before entering a commercial area or making a phone call to consult that information.  This greatly facilitates the customer’s ability to be fully informed of the item or promotion being offered on the billboard.


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