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How to Prevent Hearing Loss

We want to share with you some recommendations that can be used to take care of your hearing capacity; these are based on an interview with the ceo of Fairway Hearing company that we had some time ago and which we are sure will be of great guidance to you and anyone who wants to prevent any possible hearing loss.

Although in some cases hearing loss is due to a congenital condition, in many others it also stems from preventable causes. Inadequate exposure to noise, noise pollution or infections are some of the causes of hearing loss that can be prevented.

How to prevent hearing loss?

These are some practices that can help prevent hearing loss and also take the necessary care of children.

  • Avoid loud noises

Environmental noise can be one of the causes of hearing loss. One way to avoid them is to get away from the noise pollution of the city, loud and unpleasant noises, such as the sounds of machines and tools used in construction works, those generated by vehicular traffic, vehicle horns, trucks and buses, loudspeakers with high volume level in the public space, industrial sounds from factories, Etc.

In the case of children, it is recommendable to try to avoid exposure to the mentioned noises since their ears are more delicate.

  • Pay attention to the headphones

If your child or yourself uses headphones (not as a hearing aid but for playing audio from different electronic devices), you should be aware that using them for long periods of time and high volume can cause hearing loss.

There is growing concern about the potential harm caused by the use of headphones for digital audio players such as smartphones, tablets and mp3 players.

It is suggested to use good quality earphones even if they cost more. Its advantages are that more advanced technology can help to better cancel outside noise and allows the audio to be heard better without having to turn up the volume.

Factors for choosing hearing aids include: ergonomics, materials, technology, and size.

It is recommended to comply with the “rule of 60”. That is, do not listen to music at more than 60 decibels for more than 60 minutes.

60 db is equivalent to sounds in a busy office or restaurant, or a loud conversation.

  • Control the volume level of electronic devices

High volume levels from electronic devices such as televisions, music players, or cell phones can affect hearing in the long term. It is recommended to avoid exceeding the volume levels suggested in the technical data sheet of each electronic device.

If children tend to turn up the volume on electronic devices too much, it can be a sign of hearing loss. It is recommended to monitor this behavior and if it persists, request a medical appointment.

  • Do not use swabs

This recommendation goes against the opinion of many who believe that cleaning the ears daily with cotton swabs is synonymous with hearing hygiene.

In this regard, ear specialists recommend not inserting cotton swabs or other objects into the ears.

It is necessary to specify that when they are inserted, they end up pushing the cerumen and covering the ears, so extreme care must be taken with children and babies. Although it is necessary to clean the ears, it must also be taken into account that earwax protects the ear from various infections.

To clean the ear, just soak it in the shower and clean the outermost area of ​​the ear with a damp towel or cloth. In fact, the ear is an organ that has a natural self-cleaning system, that is, it cleans itself.

  • Keep ears dry

Drying your ears well after bathing or swimming is very important to prevent many fungal infections.  The ear canals must be kept very dry, without any moisture.

If they swim, especially children, they should wear plugs that adequately protect the outer ear.

  • Treat infections properly

Ear infections are one of the biggest causes of hearing loss.  This includes flu, colds, among others that, if not treated properly, could be harmful.

Here are some care recommendations to avoid hearing loss. But, in addition, the necessary hearing checks must be taken into account. Attend specialized audiology centers, undergo hearing tests and so on.


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