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Common Mistakes When Choosing A Healthy Diet

New Year’s goals often include a healthier diet, and although it seems like a fairly simple concept, nutritionist Ana Cristina Gutiérrez assures that many people have a wrong concept on the subject.

Healthy eating is one that provides the nutrients the body needs to keep the body functioning properly, and that is consumed in the proportion that each person requires to help maintain health and minimize the risk of disease.

According to the nutritionist, the most frequent mistakes when thinking about healthy eating are:

  • The belief that you have to eliminate everything “rich” from the diet
  • Believe that you should only eat salads
  • Forbid the consumption of rice, bread or any kind of carbohydrates
  • Thinking that as it is healthy you can eat any quantity
  • Fasting without any supervision of a health professional
  • Expecting that, with a short term of good nutrition, the kilos or problems of years of poor nutrition will be eliminated
  • Consume healthy food only a few days

For the specialist, these types of behaviors are not only unhealthy, but can lead to serious health damage; The specialist assures that those who are most tempted to make these mistakes are the people who tend to jump from one plan to another and who, in addition, want miracles in a few days.

Healthy eating is one that incorporates all the food groups in the amount necessary for each person, as well as one who prefers fresh foods over processed ones, for example, fresh fruits over fruit juices that are packaged. ; or home-prepared meats over those that come pre-prepared and are usually high in sodium or “ready to fry.”


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