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How to Create an Effective Influence Marketing Strategy

Working with influencers can bring great results, but you need to understand what really works to value your brand and optimize time and money.

In this article I’ve gathered some precious tips that can guide you when planning an influence marketing campaign – be it on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn or even TikTok.

Influencer is not a seller

Hiring an influencer hoping that this alone will have a direct impact on sales is a mistake. The influencer makes your brand known within a specific audience, but to truly convert you need to cover other fronts. That is why…

tidy the house first

Before investing in an influencer make sure your site is working fully, your social networks are good enough to retain the onlookers to come, and understand that you also need to deliver valuable content to sell. Nobody follows the window on social media.

Does sending gifts still work?

You can upload and take the risk of generating zero media. The odds of success increase if your business is small and the product has a lot to do with that influencer. Now know: you will not be able to demand disclosure, promote campaign or ask for statistics of a “received”.

Look beyond the numbers of an influencer

Make sure you choose an influencer not just for the numbers, but mainly for the quality of their work, the values ??they propagate, the specific audience they reach, and how much sense their image makes for the brand. This ensures harmony at work and avoids controversies – even if it can cost more.

Create lasting partnerships

Long-term partnerships make your action more effective because it gives credibility to the public, ensures loyalty in the segment and increases the influencer’s chances of delivering more than what was agreed upon. Creating a true relationship is beneficial to all parties.

Trust and give creative freedom

A good influencer knows more than anyone else what works best for his audience. Creating projects together, aligning goals and strategies, is the best way to get successful cases that make an impact. After all, true connections generate more than sales, they generate value for your brand.


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