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How To Maximize Your Family Savings

After the holidays and back to school, family budgets tend to be much tighter. We give you some recommendations to maximize savings.

Prepare A Budget

Have you ever stopped to calculate how much you earn and how much you spend? Take a paper and a pen, write down your income and add the estimated expenses that you usually make each month, those fixed expenses that sometimes keep you awake.

What usually happens after this is that you truly realize the level of spending you have and where the money you earn is going, the expenses that are necessary and those that maybe could be reduced or avoided. Taking all of this into account, one can consider another way of spending money and maximizing savings.

Reduce Electricity Costs

If you are thinking of changing your appliances, opt for those that ensure greater energy efficiency because they will allow you to save in the long term, although at first, they may have a higher cost.

Avoid having appliances and electronics plugged in constantly, as it increases expenses. In turn, look at those that have the stand-by option such as the television, the fact that the screen is off does not imply that it is not consuming energy.

In turn, we recommend that you calculate the electrical power you need, since you may be paying more power than you really need. You have good documentation on the points where Spanish households waste the most energy on the website of the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE). ”


How much insurance do you have? Home, life, car, motorcycle insurance … There are many options in terms of insurance, compare and be attentive to the promotions and discounts offered by insurers, such as the options of combining all insurance in the same company so that it is cheaper for you.

Let’s take the Mutua’s motorcycle insurance as an example, look at the coverage they offer you (24-hour mechanical roadside assistance; fine management, fine alert service published via SMS or e-mail and personalized advice; occupant insurance; free annual review…) for how much money and if there is a promotion that can reduce the cost.

Set Your Budget In Motion

Analyze each of your fixed expenses, whenever you are going to hire something (electricity, insurance, gas, mobile and internet …) look at what each one offers you, take your time to compare because that way you can find the option that best you should.

Once you have verified what you spend and how you spend it, carry out your budget plan to maximize your savings by reducing expenses.


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