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How to Sell Coins? 4 Tips to Offer Them at the Price of Gold

In recent months interest in the sale and purchase of coins has skyrocketed. According to numismatics experts, this is because during this year, the events where collectors gathered to observe and acquire the pieces they needed were suspended. This is the reason why there are many offers on the internet.

In this article, I’d like to share with you how to sell gold coins at a good price, but before presenting the tips, it must be clarified that although the business of buying and selling these pieces can be profitable, nobody becomes rich.

There are some coins that are worth a lot of money due to their year of minting and their strange characteristics, among other things however, they are the minority. The recommendation is that you lower your expectations and check the real prices of the pieces that you are going to offer.

1. What is the price of the coins?

The numismatic value of coins fluctuates over time according to the law of supply and demand. The pieces that are scarcer and that very few people have are worth more. While those that are very common and can be found easily have a very low value, almost a few dollars more than what the denomination indicates.

It should be noted that there is a sale price and a purchase price. The price that a collector puts on a coin that he sells is not what he is going to pay you, the price could be significantly lower.

2. Know the true value of the currency

Before bidding you have to know the value of the coin you have. What you can do is search on Google, for example, if you have a commemorative coin, look for its characteristics and how much more or less it is being sold for. Also, if it is poorly minted or has something different compared to the photos you see online, it may have a slightly higher value. Lastly, see if the coin is made of any precious metals (silver, gold, palladium).

3. Can all coins be sold?

It should be noted that not all coins are sellable. For example, a recently circulated coin that has clearly been used cannot be sold; as well as the pieces with some years with marks of use are not salable. The good condition of these items is important to be able to raise the offer.

If you have already identified that your coin can be sold, check the websites for the offers of your piece, however, do not go to those that are now for sale, but to the price history, in the completed auctions. That will give you an idea of ​​whether it is a coin that is in demand and how high the selling price may be.

4. Where to sell coins?

The first option is sites dedicated to coin collection. In these places, there are trained people who identify the value of the pieces. Another option is Internet sites such as eBay, Amazon, among others, where experts on the subject consult the offers of the pieces of interest.


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