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Not Everything Is Going Well With Technology And Our Lives

Ever wonder what the similarities are between Zuckerberg and Pablo? Both of them sell an addictive product. Technology can be extremely distracting and attractive. It is possible to limit its use because it can distract you from your focus, energy, and sleep.

Technology is a constant in our lives, consuming us 24 hours a day, making it difficult to have a family, take care of ourselves, and develop meaningful interpersonal relationships. Technology demands instant responses and quick decisions that don’t allow for thoughtful thought or analysis. Technology is vital and essential to our lives. However, technology can make life difficult.

We spoke with executives and entrepreneurs to understand their psychology and how they attempt to limit technology’s excessive use.

1. Safe distance from phone

How many people reach for their phones first thing in the AM? What if you could make this a part of your daily life? Harsh Maheshwari is SECCPL’s chief tech consultant. He has made it a point to not check his phone in the morning.

After I have had my morning tea, I make sure that my phone is not checked. Second, my phone must be turned off when I go to bed. Third, I don’t look at my phone while I talk to someone. It is easy to lose touch with the real world online and get lost in it. I limit the time I spend on social media. Because it feels like a waste, I don’t surf aimlessly on social media. He adds that I inform my family about my internet availability so there is no worry and urgency on their part.

2. A cost-benefit analysis for gadgets

Technology has made our lives much easier and greatly improved our productivity, but it can also affect our attention and behavior. To get the most from digital overload, you must learn how to manage it.

Nikhil Sikri, the CEO and Sneha Chuudry, the business director, have a few simple steps to follow when they launch Zolo, which provides fully managed living spaces.

Do a cost-benefit analysis on the apps and devices you use frequently to determine if you are spending more time than you get in return. You can optimize the time you spend with each gadget by grouping activities that counteract the negative effects of a particular channel. You can, for example, choose to only watch Netflix when you are with friends or family. This is how you optimize your time on each gadget.

3. An alarm signal

It is a great way to unplug your phone, turn off the music, and just observe. Anusheel Nahar is the co-founder of ThingsCloud Technologies.

“I don’t use screens between certain hours of day. To avoid checking any non-priority items, I keep my phone in a corner. You can see the warning image on a pack of cigarettes. I have a similar warning image as my wallpaper. This triggers an alarm every time I use my phone. Today’s phones have a zen mode, which tells you how long it’s been used.

4. Delete the Apps you don’t use

Technological applications can be a problem. You get more soaked the deeper you go into new applications. Rajat Guha is the founder of Neev Communications. To get rid of unneeded apps, clean your phone often. She suggests that you spend more time with your family and include physical activities to help you get rid of your technology addiction.

5. Screen time

Anything excess can lead to disaster, so let’s keep an eye on it.

Harikrishnan Pillai is the CEO and co-founder of TheSmallBigIdea.

“I have set reminders to appear when I reach my target screen time. It also monitors my screen time and reminds me of how I am doing. It has been very productive to turn off my phone data while at work. Social media is not on my smartphone, it’s on an iPad.

6. 4 quick tips

The problem is always how to proceed. PreLoved Devices CEO Yogesh Bhatia gives us four pieces from his experience:

“Get rid of unnecessary WhatsApp groups. Increase person-to–person contact. The most important thing is to be in the Q quadrant. This means that you can check funny emails, watch mindless TV, and do trivial work that distracts us from achieving our goals quicker. You can keep your vow to reduce the use of technology by placing a memo on a mirror so you can see it every day and be able to remember it.

7. Tech detox

Technology is a facilitator and acts as an information source that expands my ideas and thoughts about the business. Social media can be a distraction. While it is an unfortunate fact, social media is an essential evil. However, there must be internal guidelines about how much time can be spent on social networking and what the family’s role is during disconnection.

Prashant Parameswaran is the CEO and Chief Executive Officer of Soulfull Personal. He follows five practices to switch between the real and virtual worlds: Do a minimum 2 hours per day of technology detox; Trust your memory more; Avoid starting the day with too much of social media. Pursue a hobby that allows you to have fun in the natural environment.

8. Can’t you say no to technology

It can be hard to find the right balance when your work revolves around technology, technology, and technology. Taher Mandiwala is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Hats-Off Digital Pvt Ltd. He can’t ignore technology but he has his own ways of minimising it.

“I don’t use my phone or laptop at home once I leave the office unless it is extremely urgent. After a long day at the office, it gives me a chance for a detox and to relieve stress. It also allows me to relax and relieve stress from my eyes after a long day at work. We take a break, forget work and use our cell phones, and play some good cricket. We have chat sessions, or order snacks, and just enjoy each others company.

9. Restful sleep

It is their own technological distraction that causes people to become distracted. It is up to the individual to make it better. Darshana Bhalla is the CEO and Founder at DO IT Talent Ventures.

“Keep your use of the internet restricted from the start and engage in outdoor sports and activities. Notify the applicant for each request once you have completed it. Select the best one. You can sleep uninterrupted for 7 hours. You can enjoy people (families, friends, coworkers) and make memories in your head.

10. Draw a line

Technology can take control of your life, but you must exercise control. Parimal Shah is the president of international operations at MK Jokai Group.

Draw a line. You can choose a few hours each day that you will not use technology or gadgets. Your cell phone and other devices should not be taken to bed. These devices can disrupt your sleep quality. These should be left behind. You should put these things away before you go to sleep.

Technology, with its ubiquity and accessibility, can be a distraction. It is up to you to decide how you will let technology rule your life. Remember what Albert Einstein said, “The human spirit must triumph over technology.”


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