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Tips For Renting A Car In The United States

Many people travelling to the United States choose to rent a car on their trip, I will give you some important tips that will certainly help you a lot when booking your vehicle. In places like Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas and California, for example, it is very worthwhile to rent a car, as it ends up being essential to enjoy the trip better.

1. Documents required to rent a car in the United States

If you plan to rent a car in the United States, the first thing you need to check is what documents are required to be able to rent the car and drive there. The rule is the same for all US cities, such as Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Chicago. You will need to present your passport and your Brazilian driver’s license.

Pay attention on other trips, as there are some places in the world where it is necessary to use the PID, International Driver’s License to drive. In Europe, three countries require this document, which are Greece, Italy and Austria.

2. Attention when taking out the rental vehicle insurance

An important tip when renting a car on your trip is about insurance. Be sure to take out basic insurance, which covers car crashes and provides peace of mind in other cases, such as theft. It is important for you not to have a headache or damage on your trip.

Pay attention when renting a car over the Internet. Arriving at the rental company they can try to offer you another extra insurance, which covers against any damage such as broken glass and scratches on the car, but the value of this insurance is high and in my opinion, it is not worth it. They can insist a lot but be firm and don’t accept.

3. Save a lot using price comparators

There are some car rental price comparisons that are excellent and find amazing prices and deals for your trip anywhere in the world. They search the largest car rental companies in the world and show all available options.

You enter the site, enter the date of your trip, the destination, and the price comparator makes a search of all the big car rental companies in that destination you entered. It’s the best way to find the best price among all companies, find amazing deals and save big on car rental. If you want to use the comparators and find out more about them, check out this car rental tips site here.

4. Rent the car as early as possible

Another tip to save even more on your trip to the United States is to rent your car as early as possible. The sooner you book your car, the cheaper you will pay. If you leave it for later, there will be fewer cars available, prices will be higher, and you run the risk of not getting the model you wanted.

As cars are rented, rental companies automatically increase the value of the remaining vehicles. Another tip is to search well in all car rental companies. Prices vary a lot and sometimes some car rental companies do great deals, and price comparisons do this job really well.

5. Choose the car rental company well

Choosing the car rental company, you will use is an important point and the ideal is to rent from the largest and most reliable companies in the United States. In every tourist city in the world there are small car rental companies that may offer a little lower price, but you can have a lot more headaches later and it’s not worth the risk. The largest car rental companies in the United States are: Alamo, Hertz, Avis, Dollar, Budget, Enterprise and Thrifty. You can probably choose one of them in the city you are going to visit.

And if you are planning your trip to the United States, be sure to check out these two sites as well: Tips on where to stay and Tips on what to do. They have tips to help you plan where to stay and what to do in every city in the world.


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