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Home Health Care And Caring For The Elderly At Home


Home health care is a fundamental part of our daily life. Quite often we find ourselves in situations where we are required to be care givers of our convalescing or elderly relatives at home. In developed countries majority of the citizens may prefer to put such people, especially the elderly, in nursing homes where they are taken care of by trained care givers. On the contrary, in third-world countries especially in Africa, the idea of nursing homes for the elderly and convalescents is still an alien concept to many. This is partly due to cultures that promote reverence of the elderly and due to poverty, that makes the facilities unaffordable. 

Many people believe that blessings are passed from older to younger generations hence would prefer to give personal care to their elderly relatives so that they don’t miss the blessings. Putting convalescing or terminally ill relatives away in a nursing facility is regarded suspiciously as trying to get rid of them! Hence home health care is inevitable. This comes with its fair share of challenges. It can be a very tedious and sometimes lonely affair which needs a lot of sacrifice and patience. Hence it is always wise to have some prior knowledge about it. Here are some ideas. 

Care givers should learn to empathize with their charges. Putting yourself in the shoes of the ones you are taking care of goes a long way to make attending to their needs a lot much easier since you feel what they go through.  Simply imagine that you were the one in their situation and how you would have liked to be treated if you were. 

Involve other family members. Make plans with other family members on how to share the joint responsibilities of taking care of the charges so as to get some rest. Since most people under home health care are unable to perform simple personal tasks like dressing, eating and bathing, doing it alone can be overwhelming. 

Take good care of yourself and try to be happy. You can never offer one a shoulder to lean on if you are not strong enough yourself. Therefore, care givers are required to take good care of themselves and try to be happy always. People under home health care can be a sensitive lot. You wouldn’t want to make them feel guilty of being a burden and a cause of misery to you. Hence it is important to eat well, have enough rest and always smile a lot. 

Learn as much as you can about their conditions. You can only be best equipped to take care of convalescents, the terminally ill or the elderly if you are well informed about their conditions. It is therefore very necessary to learn as much as you can about their situations from experts, books and even the internet. Finally, home health care needs a high degree of self-discipline to be effectively accomplished due to the strict prescriptions of some charges. 


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