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The Difference Between Spa Resorts and Health Spas

Spa resorts are one of three other main forms of spa offerings. The other two types of spas are destination and health spa. Contrary to popular belief that all forms of spa are the same, the three types of spas are different; all three types of spa offer mind, body and spirit wellness programs, nevertheless. The back-bone to any spa practice lies in the belief that your body, mind and spirit could be healed (relaxed) by the simple application of relaxation techniques, like body massage.


Difference in spa resorts, destination and health spas

Destination spas involve deep meditations, teaching classes and lectures and spa treatments, even yoga classes. Health spas on the other hand are more into the health aspects of practicing spa; they most likely don’t allow alcohol intakes. While trying to find the best spa in town, you will find that both destination and health spas have a striking resemblance in their practises. For the purpose of this article, spa resorts are the main focus.

Spa resorts are neither Destination nor Health spas

Spa resorts are popular these days. What’s with all the buzz about spa salons at every resort and hotel in town. Spa resorts, as health and wellness experts point out, have caught on as a result of the increasingly stressful work-life challenges people all over the globe are encountering on a daily basis.

Spa resorts, as opposed to both destination and health spas, mainly focus on relaxation of the entire person. So, you are likely to find special relaxation programs on offer at most spa resorts. But the number or variety of events and activities on offer at every spa resort depends, mainly, on the size of that particular spa resort.

What to expect from a spa resort

Spa resorts mainly focus on wining and dining, with spa treatments serving as the culmination to the experience. As such, you will find spa resorts to be exactly what you need for eating out. Larger-out-of-town spa resorts even make such events and activities as horseback riding, water-sports, golfing and swimming available. Children are also well catered for with a range of sporting and fun activities to engage in. Smaller, mostly in-urban-areas spa resorts may not offer such activities due to restrictions of space and capital resources.

Why spa resorts

Spa resorts, large of small in size, offer facials, massage, meals and wine. But note that meals and spa treatments are paid for separately. You will find spa resorts to be the best for family outings. Destination and health spas do not allow children to come in. You might also find weddings and wedding reception services being offered in spa resorts. Spa resorts will make your date a memorable experience full of fun and not too much learning as in the case with other types of spa offerings.

Spa resorts mainly want you to enjoy being free from all life’s little naggings. But some larger spa resorts offer a select few of deeper spa teachings as part of the bargain.


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