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The Role Of Crib And Cradle Mattresses In The Welfare Of Babies

The crib or mini crib mattresses are essential, since during their irregular but constant phases of sleep, babies continue with the development of their mind and body. Which is why rest should be the priority during your growth.

In the market there are several brands that are dedicated to its manufacture, such as Lemur with its crib and mini-crib mattresses whose quality, texture and adaptability ensure a good sleep as well as total safety.

The Cradle Mattresses For Babies

Unlike many of the animals that inhabit the planet, the human being requires great attention and care in its first stage of development, therefore, it is important to take into account which crib or mini crib mattresses will be needed to provide a good rest to the babies.

Although safety in this aspect usually manifests itself through high and closed cribs, whose bars prevent the child from falling when sneaking out of their little temple, crib mattresses are of equal or greater importance. In fact, choosing a good crib and crib mattress for babies can even prevent illness. All the more reason to take it into account and not forget about it even when traveling with children.

The Importance Of Rest

Investigating one of the areas that, and with good reason, dedicate more security systems to new-borns, the crib mattresses of the Lemur firm are among the most recognized and used, verifying their specialized use even in hospitals such as Vall d ‘ Hebron o l’Hospital Clínic , in Barcelona.

In addition to the minicot mattresses for babies from 0 to 12 months and those for cribs up to 5 years, also finding children’s mattresses from 1 to 14 years in its catalog. Combining a series of characteristics that protect the baby at all times, in a melting pot of lines to be treated that go from its pure rest to the sensation of touch or its clothing material.

Encouraging The Sleep And Watch Cycles

Despite the first impression, it is not only the fragility that forces us to ensure the safety of the babies, but the fact that it is a capital phase of their long growth. In fact, it is precisely during sleep that much of the psychological and physical development of babies takes place.

For practical purposes, they are human beings in the development phase, who as soon as they leave the womb are already experiencing all kinds of changes in their mental and body perception. From the first oxygen that bursts into his lungs in the wander, to the progressive adoption of the sense of sight through which he will identify his parents.

For this reason, it is necessary to remain calm before those babies who sleep a lot, although it is also advisable to progressively make them understand the border between wakefulness and the dream moment to adapt their schedule to common cycles. However, little ones may sometimes suffer from insomnia, both due to a lack of comfort or excitement and because of heat or hunger. But, in addition to assisting such factors as necessary, a comfortable and safe mattress is always an invitation to sleep. More so, knowing how important the rest phases are during their growth.

Sleep Like A Baby

Working on how to get them to sleep peacefully, it is necessary to mention some of the benefits of crib and crib mattresses and how they contribute to the well-being of babies.

Taking again the example of the Lemur firm, the use of this type of mattress, with all the guarantee of its quality given its use even in incubators, is ideal both to prevent asphyxiation upside down, and to avoid and correct flat head or regulate body temperature. This is mainly due to the fact that the use of high technology in the manufacture of Lemur mattresses has made it possible to find mattresses that distribute pressure, adapting to the shape of the baby and correcting their postures.

Likewise, they are made with toxic-free materials, using a natural and innocuous raw material whose strict toxicity control allows that its intake cannot cause any harm to the baby. In addition, incorporating a special treatment against allergens and bacteria, which act even after washing, by which to prevent dermatitis, asthma and allergies.

In short, a whole series of elements and factors whose sole purpose is to ensure the well-being of the baby without interrupting in any way their rest cycles. Which translates into a sleep with fewer awakenings while providing a soft and comfortable sensation.

All-Terrain Cradle Mattresses For Babies

Going deep, Lemur’s crib and crib mattresses are made with a soy-based HR of 36kg / m 3, which, in addition to being highly adaptable to the baby’s body without compromising its firmness , favors perspiration while resisting moisture, deterioration and heat.

Regarding comfort and adding to its commitment to quality with organic cotton mattresses, using Biotherm fibers, whose softness and ability to absorb moisture providing freshness is ideal for the sensitive skin that babies have. Practically, an all-terrain mattress in the face of any adversity that can be faced from resting in a crib or cradle,

All effort is little when it comes to the health and well-being of those who will inherit the world. And every baby needs a mattress that adapts as the mother adapts her body to it. With all the tenderness, love and maternal clairvoyance that characterize the emotional bond of a family.


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